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The entry control terminal A.bc1 is the core product of AuténID, an identity authentication solution combining only the strengths of facial recognition and ID cards.


A.bc1 compares the facial information of the user using a 1:1 method without a troublesome biometrics registration procedure, and its authentication misidentification rate is 0%.


This multi-authentication system that can enhance authentication convenience and security compares the actual face of the user and the facial image of ACC (ID card that encrypts and saves facial images) in real time.


A.bc1 can be immediately linked with existing entry control systems without requiring additional operations, and it can be immediately installed without requiring initial settings.


If you are looking to switch to a realistic and complete entry security system, you can easily upgrade to a 100% safe and efficient system with A.bc1.


Accuracy and reliability

Misidentification rate 0% - 1:1 comparison method.


Best facial recognition algorithm accuracy.


HDR dual camera that can overcome various lighting environments.


Three-way false authentication prevention. (Anti-Fake)


IP65 rated waterproof/dustproof.

Best flexibility and connectivity

Immediate link with existing entry control system without requiring extra work.


Gigabyte Ethernet, Wi-Fi, ODSP and RS-485 secure communication.


30pin I/O interface composed to interwork with all existing entry control systems.

Multiple functions and convenience

Plug & Play – No initial settings required.


Removal of unnecessary elements: biometrics registration

process, database management.


Slim size makes it easy to install anywhere with PoE.


Offers various authentication tools including not only cards, but also NFC and Bluetooth.


Simple management tools, cloud-based device monitoring.


Unlimited number of users / attendance management function.


Temperature measurement module. (optional)


Ease of application and management

User does not have to go through the cumbersome registration process and receives his or her card with the encrypted facial image.

User easily identifies his or her identity by simply ‘look tagging.’


The fact that there is no biometrics registration process means that there is no personal biometric information to be managed within the system.


Therefore, system integration/construction personnel do not have to complete difficult system changes to easily add A.bc1 to the existing security system or compose the AuténID integrated system.


There is continuous growing demand among customers to strengthen security by making improvements to system vulnerabilities in all fields.


In particular, the entry control sector is still being exposed to problems not solved by card-based systems, but the current biometric recognition solutions have not been able to serve as suitable alternatives.


Existing biometrics products have misidentification according to its specifications, and sensitive biometric information must be separately stored and managed.


In addition, there are many restrictions in terms of compatibility and expandability.


A.bc1 is a product designed to resolve these customer issues.


Easily resolve all your concerns with AuténID.

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