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Authentic Identity


Everyone knows that there are weaknesses in the current security system, but they are being used because there are no clear alternatives.


We may consider switching to contact-free biometrics that is accurate, convenient, and up-to-date, but there are numerous issues such as complicated registration processes, biometrics that must be strictly managed, and system overhauls.


Even when putting up with all these issues, the issue of misidentification is not solved, and so we end up returning to the starting point.


Here, ANDOPEN offers a realistic solution.


Discover new possibilities for personal authentication systems!

The combination of biometrics and ID cards supplement each other’s weaknesses and offers realistic solutions.

ANDOPEN calls this solution AuténID


Collaboration between Biometric Authentication Solutions and

ID Card Systems! 

ANDOPEN presents a new concept of security solution. 

AuténID is a solution that combines biometric authentication with card-based solutions to provide both convenience and security by complementing each other's weaknesses. 

The conventional ID card method is a fast and reliable means of access control with no room for misidentification. 

On the other hand, biometric authentication is the only way to verify one's identity, and facial recognition is the most convenient among them. 

ANDOPEN provides a perfect hybrid security solution that combines the strengths of contrasting security solutions.


There is no need for inconvenient registration of biometric information.

To obtain the ANDOPEN Security Card (ACC), users only need to present their photo to the relevant location.


ANDOPEN's AI neural network technology detects and analyzes the user's face from the photo, and compresses and encrypts the data to be stored in the ACC.


No inconvenient biometric registration process is required.

More accurately,

More efficiently

ANDOPEN's AuténID provides an effective solution for user authentication, increasing efficiency in access management and creating a secure environment for users.

​AuténID can be embedded not only in cards but also in various devices such as smartphones, smartwatches, keychains, etc. It uses AES128 encryption for security.

With AuténID, you can easily resolve all your concerns related to card-based systems and biometric verification.

A.bc1 was developed to address the weaknesses in card-based systems, such as reproduction, forgery, alteration, loss, and borrowing.


By implementing a biometric verification system using state-of-the-art facial recognition technology and encryption, A.bc1 provides a secure and scalable solution that is not limited by the same issues as card-based systems.


A.bc1 eliminates the need for complicated registration processes and the management of sensitive biometric information, and ensures interoperability by applying open standard technologies used in various fields.

Do it as usual, but safer

The personal biometric information (facial images) of users that have been applied with ANDOPEN's AuténID solution is stored only in their ACC and is managed and used individually by the user.


This means that the sensitive personal biometric information that an organization manages does not exist within the system.


Therefore, the system is lightweight, simple, and not limited by the number of users.