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Andopen Card Credential

ACC is impossible to replicate and represents the user perfectly.

An ID card that comes with a user's facial image embedded in it. 

It can be embedded not only in cards but also in various means such as smartphones, smartwatches, keychains, etc. 

It is encrypted with AES128.


User self-authentication: 

Authenticate yourself by comparing the encrypted facial image stored in the ID card with the user's face in front of the reader. 


This simple and familiar method is not only 100% accurate but also highly efficient.


Andopen Device Management System

ADMS is an embedded software for A.bc1 that allows for managing operational settings, identity verification and access control policies, user and device management, and more."

ADMS is a software for managing biometric recognition embedded in the A.bc1 device, which is a terminal for access control. 


It is installed and provided in the A.bc1 without the need for separate access control management software installation. 


With ADMS, a web-based access control management software integrated into A.bc1, you can easily manage and operate the system. 


A.bc1, which is managed and operated by ADMS, is an access control terminal for facial recognition that can be installed in various and wide-ranging locations.

BAMS 01.jpg

Device management through cloud or simple software.

ADMS provides various management functions such as device monitoring, access authorization, access groups, access logs, and supports connecting to various databases via REST APIs."

A.bc1, managed and operated by BAMS, is an access control terminal for facial recognition that can be installed in a variety of locations.


Andopen Card Issuing System

A unified solution that records the user's facial image on a card and issues it individually.

Service Process of AuténID

Service Process_EN.png

Local Card Issuance of AuténID

Local Issuance_EN.png
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